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Our community is growing – there’s no stopping that – and it’s incumbent on all of us to participate in it so that we maintain the things that make Cle Elum great. We can do a lot to guide the changes that are happening, but it requires everyone to do their part. City government needs to be more focused on achieving the goals set forward in our comprehensive plan to build a better community for all of us.

As your mayor, I will:

  • Encourage the building of workforce housing in the greater Cle Elum area.
  • Improve relationships with our neighboring communities, districts, and the county so we are all working toward mutually beneficial goals.
  • Create a youth advisory council to ensure our next generation is included in community conversations.
  • Keep our boards and commissions filled with diverse, qualified members and provide them the support they need to put their unique talents to good use.
  • Ensure developers pay their fair share, and any new development fits our community character and accomplishes our housing goals.